A large scale reclamation contract crushing and processing over 80,000t of concrete and over 2,000t of steel, demolition of several structures including 20m high concrete chimney and 30m high rapid loader bunker.

The rapid loader was especially complicated as the central control room inbetween the bunkers remained live throughout the demolition as it operated all the signals and points for the sidings. The bunker was also within 15m of the Leeds to York railway line and we were not allowed a rail closure.

As you can see from the photographs the control room was protected by scaffolding and the 2t concrete cladding blocks craned down from the sides of the bunker. Following this the top level was removed and the bunker steelwork cut up in-situ and folded down the hopper. This was no small exercise as there was over 1,000t of steelwork in total.

The whole operation was completed in 12 weeks including installing and removing the railway protection blanket followed by the breakout and backfilling of the basements.

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Thorne Case Studies: Gascoigne Wood Colliery - Demolition and Reclamation
Gascoigne Wood Colliery
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